Client Cloud

Welcome to Jarvis Ryan Associates' Cloud. No more cabinets, drawers, folders or paper.

As you surf your documents you will realize all is still there only now - virtual. Our only request is that you use the time saved from NOT having to walk to your filing cabinet, photocopier, scanner or post office to go for a walk and look at the trees we all saved doing this.

If you're having trouble signing in, please note that we prefer you set your OWN password for the cloud however as most have failed to do so, we have set a new personalized password for you. If you need to retrieve your password, please call our office at 905-277-9499 and any one of our staff will be able to assist you.

In order to open you files on a mobile device you will need a pdf viewer. If you don't have one you can download the Adobe Reader app for IOS or Android.

Demo Login:  User: demo    Password: demo

*****IMPORTANT - New CRA Options*****

To Sign your T183 Authorization Digitally on your phone or tablet you'll have to download the app Adobe Fill & Sign, for IOS or Android.

Once you have downloaded the app use it to open your T183 and add your signatures.

  1. Click on the pen icon
  2. Create your signature
  3. Position your signature on Section D - signature line
  4. Click DONE in the top right hand corner
  5. Click the icon in the bottom right hand corner that looks like a piece of paper with an arrow pointing upwards
  6. Chose email and email the document back to Lisa's attention for filing.