Partner and Staff Profiles

Businesses face enough changes in their day-to-day existence - this should not extend to a revolving door of new accounting faces each year.

At Jarvis Ryan Associates, we ensure that you and your staff work with the same members of our staff on an on-going basis. Team members, including the engagement partner and staff accountant, are assigned based on client requirements. In our experience, this continuity and long-term commitment builds personal rapport, in-depth knowledge of important client issues, and greatly enhances the productivity of our clients and our staff.

Peter Ripping TaxBook
That's the income tax act, not the phone book Peter is ripping (don't worry he didn't know what it looked like either).

R. Peter Jarvis, CPA, CA:


Peter graduated from the University of Windsor in 1981 and went directly into public practice. After obtaining his designation as a Chartered Accountant in 1983, Peter left public practice to spend six years in the electrical industry in various roles ranging from branch manager to director of finance. Peter was a part-time instructor at the University of Toronto and Seneca College and has taught both accounting and management accounting. In 1989, Peter re-entered public practice. In 1996, he joined with Ray to form Jarvis Ryan Associates.

Alter ego enjoys long lunches, card tricks or bridge, and boating.

Ray has recently upgraded his hearing aid.
E. Ray Ryan, CPA , CA, CFP:


Ray retired Oct 31 is either on a cruise or in Florida We will amend this more at a later date.

Alter ego - enjoys sailing, skiing, and travelling.

This is fake as everyone knows Robin prefers red.
Robin Post, CPA , CMA, CFP:


Robin is a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner with experience in all aspects of accounting and tax issues for the small to medium size corporation, including corporate tax planning and reorganizations together with the personal tax and financial planning needs of the entrepreneur.

Alter ego - enjoys long lunches, family, playing bridge, and travelling.


Gordon Jackson, CPA, CGA:


Gord is a Business Administration graduate majoring in accounting and finance. He worked 20 years in logistics, manufacturing and consulting. His experience included logistics work, costing and pricing models, with 2 PLs and 3 PLs with local and continental hard asset carriers. He has installed accounting systems mining, manufacturing and logistics environments. After a number of years in industry, and many consulting assignments he joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in 2006, specializing in owner manager businesses.

Alter ego - family and golf.

Julie and Cathy

Cathy Sowrey:

Senior Manager

Cathy joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in May 1996 after completing the accounting program at Algonquin College. Cathy's many talents include year-end planning, and both corporate and personal tax preparation and planning.Projects with tight deadlines are Cathy's most rewarding challenges as high levels of stress keep her moving!

Alter ego - enjoys the cottage, sunny places with palm trees, family, and long lunches.

Julie Branning:


Julie joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in February 2001. She has a diploma in business accounting from Sheridan College. Julie specializes in procedural planning and enjoys new accounting challenges.

Alter ego - enjoys the family cottage, her beloved dog, and long lunches.


Jing Chen:

Staff Accountant

Jing joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in January 2008 as a co-op student and was later offered a full-time position. Jing graduated from university in China. She has started her career here in Canada and plans to pursue a professional accountant designation.

Alter ego - enjoys reading and gardening.


Ornella Dias, CPA, CA:


Ornella joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in 2008 while in grade 11 and is planning for her retirement on June 17th of 2052. Will be a big celebration and Invites will be sent as we get closer to the date. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University at the Schulich School of Business in 2013 and obtained her CPA, CA designation in 2017.

Alter ego - enjoys studying and snacking.


Fred Milheiras:

Staff Accountant

Fred joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in 2012. Fred has completed his diploma in business accounting from Sheridan College.

Alter ego - enjoys long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners (and yes The firm is also troubled that Fred is using our website to pick up girls) food.


Natalia Rashad:

Staff Accountant

Natalia joined Jarvis Ryan in January of 2013 and Canada in March of 2014, and is very proud to be part of both. She has a diploma in Business Accounting from Sheridan College, and currently enrolled in the CGA program.

Alter ego - enjoys being a mom, shopping, and binge-watching TV-shows.

Dan is a little shy so he spends a lot of time in the back room.

Dan Blakley:

IT Specialist

Dan joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in April 2012. Dan has completed his diploma in business accounting at Sheridan College and will now be working towards his degree.

Alter ego - Enjoys computers, Japanese culture, and strategy games.

Linda always takes Peter's calls, even when he is on both lines!

Linda Waterfield:

Executive Assistant

Linda joined Jarvis Ryan Associates in May 2008. Her Career has involved working as a legal assistant for law firms in Toronto and Mississauga and then as an Executive Assistant "Corporate Nanny" for various professionals.

Alter ego - enjoys dinners with friends, family, and being nice.


Lisa Grossman:


Lisa joined Jarvis Ryan in the fall of 2013 after moving back to the "big city" from Collingwood. She spent many years as an executive administrator in the hospitality industry. This is a return to work, the GTA and to LIFE after spending years raising two kids.

Alter ego - Enjoys family, friends, and drinking pints!


Juliet Jarvis:

Peters Granddaughter


Juliet on her first birthday.

Alter ego - Enjoys all the new things in this world especially chocolate cake!